Timber | Log cabin planks

LOG CABIN PLANKS in spruce/pine/larch or combined

  • Glued with weather-resistant adhesives in accordance with Ö-Norm EN 386 and DIN 68140
  • Class B German glulam approval, DIN 1052-1 in accordance with DIN 68140
  • Grading quality 4074/1 S10
  • Quality controlled by ÖHFI and FMPA

Profiling available (double groove and tongue), non-drawing joint, glued with melamine resin glue
Standard length: 12 m ( max. 13 m) other cross-sections and lengths available on request.

Cuts and joints

Handlos has a CNC cutting and joinery facility for state-of-the-art timber construction. We manufacture:

  • Solid building and structural timber
  • Glued solid timber
  • Glued laminated timber
  • Glued tongue-and-groove planks for log cabins (ready for assembly for
    our customers in the prefabricated house industry, timber
    construction plants and carpentry firms)



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