Cross-Cutting and Trenching | Beams for log house constructions

Beams for log house constructions - Spruce/Pine/Larch and combined

  • Wheater resistent glued to Ö-Norm EN 386 und DIN 68140
  • German "Leimbaugenehmigung B", DIN 1052-1 nach DIN 68140
  • Quality sorting 4074/1 S10
  • Quality controlled by ÖHFI unf FMPA

Profiling possible (double tongue and groove), non-marking seam, glued with melamine resin
Standard length: 12 m (max. 13 m) many other cross-sections and lengths on request.

Cross-Cutting and Trenching

 Handlos has a CNC joinery machine for the modern timber construction. We manufacture:

  • Building and solid structured timber
  • Glued beams
  • glue laminated timber
  • Glued log house beams (Ready to assemble for our customers in the prefabricated building industry, wooden buildings and carpenter companies))